Spiritual Secrets Refill Program

The Spiritual Secrets Refill Program was created with the goal of reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Every year, millions of candles end up in landfills, and candles are among the worst offenders when it comes to holiday waste, according to a recent analysis from business waste management services.

Candles in glass jars can be recycled, but you should reuse the wax and clean out the jar completely before doing so. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that candles jars can be recycled. Furthermore, not everyone reuses the wax or cleans out the jar completely. This means that the
millions of candles thrown away in landfills, still contain wax.

We can eliminate our candle jar waste at Spiritual Secrets thanks to our Refill Program.
If customers choose to order another candle, they can return their candle jar to Spiritual Secrets Warehouse and receive a discount.

It is critical to clean and empty the candle jar before participating in the Refill Program.

*Refills are applicable to jars original scent only.*