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Associated with abundance and joy, yellow is the shade I work with when I’m feeling down, dealing with depression, or just need a burst of sunlight in my life. "Yellow is an injection of happiness," Potter says. From ancient nature-based religions to modern day patriarchal practices, the sun is literally a source of life.


Orange is akin to yellow and is wonderful for help in creative endeavors, Potter says. "I recommend orange when someone has writer’s block," Potter says. I associate orange with David Bowie-as-Ziggy Stardust’s hair, AKA a confident and creative genius. It's always good to have orange energy on your side.


Passion is often associated with the color red, and for good reason. It's often used in love and seduction magick and is wonderful to add to your life if your sex life has been a bit lackluster, you want to attract a new lover, or simply want to feel like a sex god. If you’re in a long-term relationship, lighting red candles or sprinkling red roses over a bed promises a night of passion. It's true — there’s a reason red roses are a cliché.


Pink is also a color of love, but it’s softer and gentler than red and great for self-care. "When you need to be kind to yourself, use pink," Potter says. You can also use pink to nurture relationships. Perhaps you and your partner have crazy hot sex and passion isn’t a problem, but you could use some help empathizing and understanding one another. Pink is incredibly healing, especially in matters of love.


Work with purple to get in touch with your intuition. Purple is also wonderful for adding oomph to creative projects and is associated with royalty.


Like a calm day at the beach, blue is a color of peace and protection. Potter also says that blue can be used for matters of communication and clarity. "To make sure that you are communicating your ideas fully and truly use blue," she says.


Green is the color of Earth, growth, and therefore also of earthly possessions. Hell yes, it's also the color of cash, and that's no coincidence. Likening the color green to a walk through the woods, Potter says, "It’s also the color of fertility or starting a new business."


Some witches warn of using black in magick, such as lighting black candles, as there is an association between “dark magick" and the color. I personally disagree. To begin, many modern-day magickal practices stem from African traditions and it’s racist and uneducated to conflate "black magick" with the color. Yes, some witches will use a black candle as part of a hex, but in my opinion, if you’re a well-informed witch, that’s your business. The color black in and of itself isn't bad — it’s actually most often associated with protection, uncrossing, and can be used to ward off any negative vibes that may be thrown your way.


White is useful in magick, as it can act as a stand-in for any other color. It’s essentially a blank slate. If I wanted a red seduction candle, but only had white, I’d just toss some red glitter on the white candle to achieve the same effects. It's cleansing and purifying, so it's great for clearing away old energies and bringing in fresh, new, happy ones.

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