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100% Soy Wax Candles. Hand poured with intention. Crystal infused. 

Welcome & thank you for supporting my small business! I'm so glad you could join the ever growing Spiritual Secrets family.
Crystals, spirituality + candles have helped me so much on my personal-growth journey – especially during lockdown & was dedicated to showing others how crystals and metaphysical objects have helped me so much as well as help others with their spiritual and self-growth goals + dreams!

Our Self-Care Products

Gems + Stones

All of our crystals are ethnically sourced + cleansed when they arrive... 

  • Meet Our CEO

    Meet Sara!

    Sara is a 21 year old female. Born + raised in Toronto with an Italian heritage.

    Sara’s love of spirituality and curating items is what made her start Spiritual Secrets!

    Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, her moon is in Leo and her ascendant is in Capricorn!

    Her favorite crystals are Moss Agate + Labradorite.

    She hopes with all her hard work + love you find something you love through her creations!

  • Meet Our Project Manager!

    Meet Sabrina!

    Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, her moon is in Scorpio and her ascendant is in Sagittarius!

    Her favorite crystal is Citrine.

  • Meet Our Product + Inventory Manager

    Meet Kelly!

    Her zodiac sign is Taurus, her moon is in Aries and her ascendant is in Pisces!

    Her favorite crystal is Rose Quartz.